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What I’m probably most curious about, in this exciting job as an Affiliate at SFI, is the natural process which gives birth to the new “serious” affiliates and future top earners.

Fab_jaguar_FTypeWhy? Because I think it represents also a kind of metaphor about what usually happens in life, where most people are poor and just a small percentage are rich.

The weird thing is that while in life this could even be a kind of comprehensible thing, because people often don’t have many choices (especially in certain Countries with restricted freedom and extreme poverty), in SFI it’s not comprehensible at all, because each Affiliate could have exactly the same chances of being extremely successful as all the other ones.

Nevertheless, even if each Affiliate is supposedly interested in making money and has 100% of the control of his own decisions, this doesn’t happen. Why?

Perhaps because the system doesn’t allow that? NOT at all!

I think the reason why this happens is quite clearly proven by what always happens each time I organize an online meeting to present the SFI opportunity to new Affiliates. I’ll try to explain:

Who are “new Affiliates”? They are people surely interested in making money who just signed up in order to get more information about the business.Webinar: The SFI 3-Step Plan, Our Path to Succes

So it would be normal for me to think: “if they know there is an informative meeting to attend, the great majority of them will be there. That’s obvious!”.

Well, the reality is exactly the opposite; the great majority of them not even make the effort to register (…for free) for the meeting. But this is not the weirdest thing.

The interesting thing is that normally only 10% of all the people who registered for the meeting, actually attend the meeting.

Is this a bad thing? Not at all! It’s just how life is. And we need to consider this while building our own business.

What is the problem with that 90% which each time doesn’t attend an event that they had already planned to attend? Well, let’s be realistic and let’s say that some of them really encountered some insurmountable problem like an extraterrestrial kidnapping, an explosion of their computer just a few minutes before the meeting, a strike of their internet provider company, etc. etc.

But what about all the other ones, where are they each time?

I think I can guess…because in the past years I received so many “good reasons” to justify these absences that I could publish and sell “the worldwide excuses catalogue”. : )

But actually the real problem is only one: the comfort zone.

In occidental Countries, the comfort zone in my opinion is the best ally of poverty.

Imagine the situation;

Tony is an employee with a salary which barely allows him to pay every month his home and TV loans and some other basic needs (…including beer and cigarettes). He feels the need to earn more. He’s also pigro-tvupset about his boss, who is making much more money than him, working less.

Tony has to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. For all his working life! He also knows that after 35 years of hard work, when he will retire, his financial situation will be even worse than today.

Right; he has a clear picture of everything. That’s why he feels the need to change something.

At lunch break he goes online, signs up at some “online business opportunity”. He feels a bit better because at least something in the good direction has been done.

But then he goes home; he finds his beloved smiling slippers, and his 80″ Class – Smart – 3D – HD TV screen that relentlessly calls him like an insidious mermaid. The remote control electronic 80" window is ready to be proudly grabbed for a full evening collapsed in the couch, to watch through the 80″ electronic window, what others are actively doing in the world.

The night rapidly arrives, it’s time to go to sleep, to be ready for a new day at work to make someone else a bit richer and himself a little bit more frustrated. And so on…year after year.

His situation won’t improve, but his slippers and TV give him enough comfort to draw him away from a different and brighter life. Doing something different could be tiring, probably risky…even painful; it would take him out of his comfort zone.

Is this a problem? Not at all, if this kind of life is what Tony actually desires. He needs something different, but probably he doesn’t really desire to get out of his “comfort zone” and do persistently something different from his daily routine.

Hence, is Tony the kind of Affiliate you are looking for in order to build a solid team for your SFI Business, also making him rich on the way?

Has Tony the kind of attitude that we could define as a “winning attitude”?

Of course not.

Does it mean that you have to stop prospecting, because all Affiliates you could find are the Tony style? On the contrary!

You have to pass through a majority of Tonys in order to find that kind of Affiliates that normally shows up at the meeting, who are really fed up of their grey routines and that above all, are not afraid at all of getting out of their comfort zone or even better…; they love to get out of their comfort zone if this means improving their lives!persone-entusiaste

You’re looking for People who are proactive, optimists, enthusiastic, determined, persistent and willing to do the right things to succeed.

In a few words; you are looking for real winners!

Ah…I forgot one thing; of course you’ll never find winners if you’re not a winner yourself. But the good news is that being a winner is an attitude that everybody can acquire. It doesn’t requires special capacities or experiences.

So, if you currently perceive yourself more like a “Tony” than a real winner, it’s not a hopeless problem.

Just switch your mind; start to act like a winner: stop complaining about your current situation or whatever other situation you currently dislike, start thinking exclusively to what you really desire and always bear in mind what Steve Jobs used to say: if you act like you can do something then it will work“.

Live you dream day and night. Feel it, hold it always clear, let it shine in your mind, live for it. Don’t allow your current daily life to sweep away your dream from your mind. Your dream has to be your daily engine, fuel and reason of your life. And what is most important, don’t have any incertitude at all: Be 100% sure that no matter how, your dream is nothing more than your real life in just a few years.Casa mia

The majority of people think that on the way to success, actions come first. I understood this is wrong. In fact, I strongly believe that thoughts and dreams come first before everything else. Then all the rest will come to you naturally and literally bring you towards the life you really dream about.

So, first of all: do you really have a dream? What is this dream? How would the best life you could ever imagine for you and your family be? Can you perceive the tastes, sounds and other feeling of that life? Try to breathe it. Let the life you deserve be free to enter your ADN. Don’t block it with your bad moods, be happy and let it be part of you since now.

A good place to start practicing your renovated attitude? The SFI goal setting page can really help you in this process. Use it every day and take it seriously; it will lead you where you really want to be.

Have fun and enjoy your business!


3 thoughts on “Looking for winners

  1. Great article. Inspiring. Am I lazy? Yes, I am. That is why I’m doing SFI. :-)

    Am I winning … I am and moving slowly but certain with everything available.

    Hopefully it will improve as I’m moving along.

    All the best

  2. This is what I get with my team. I have over 250 people, only two work. You work every day but can not be AI2 because they invest in your business.
    The other person is my daughter, divorced, lives with her ​​2 children, work, study and enters a small time SFI. and is achieving goals.
    The other 248, though I encourage every week and encourage you to continue, not progress. Still living as Tony, for your comfort.
    Thanks for taking the time to stir.

  3. I am also trying my best to becomeing up. As I am a newcomer I am not in a position to say most of the things, but I beleive SFI. Good Wishes. Future is ours!i

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